Day 28: A Work Obligation and New Old Stuff

As someone who thrives on nostalgia, there's nothing better than finding "new" 30-year-old material I've never seen before.

More on that in a second...

. . .

While Amy and the kids went swimming, I was back at work for the afternoon attending the summer division head retreat -- four hours where the heads of each division within the school come together and talk with our administrators about various school improvement ideas. It's the one work obligation I had on my calendar all summer.

It was interesting to stop by the school where a major renovation is taking place over the summer break. Here's a look at what my building's cafeteria used to look like and what it looks like as of yesterday afternoon.


. . .

You've heard me talk about the New Monkees before. Not the original Monkees (Davy, Mike, Mickey, and Peter) but the New Monkees from late 80s/early 90s (Larry, Jared, Dino, and Marty).

You can read the details of my New Monkees fandom here:
Turn It Up: The New Monkees
You can also go back to the time I acquired an upgraded copy of the New Monkees episodes from drummer Dino Kovas:
A New Monkees Upgrade
For several years, I've been a lurking member of a New Monkees fan group which started on Yahoo and eventually made its way to Facebook. Early on, members shared everything from news articles to unreleased demos -- but that was years ago. In the time since, it seems that much of what is shared has simply been the same material recycled for new group members -- so I was starting to think that just about anything that was out there had already reached the surface.

Until today.

There in my Facebook feed was a download link for a collection of New Monkees Fan Club newsletters! Spanning years 1988-1992, these newsletters are exactly what you'd expect from that time period -- text printed with a typewriter or Print Shop (you remember Print Shop, right?), news articles literally cut and pasted onto the pages, photocopied to the point where images are often just blurs of black and white print.

Archaic by today's standards.

Beautifully nostalgic by mine.

Apparently I've got some reading to do.

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