Day 29: Shots with Mason, More Junk, Fireflies

The kids had back-to-back-to-back appointments with their doctor this morning -- annual check-ups scheduled back in January. For the record, everyone is happy and healthy.

Hashtag blessed.

But let's make no mistake about it. Mason was a little nervous.

The girls knew these appointments were no big deal but we'd prepared Mason ahead of time that he'd be getting two vaccinations. He didn't say too much about it but it was pretty clear that it was weighing on his mind a bit as we waited for the doctor.

But in the end he was a champ. He sat on my lap and after a tiny flinch and one single tear down his cheek, it was all over.

Hashtag brave.

. . .

We took the long way home from the doctor's office and made a family visit to what has become one of my favorite junk stores.

Let me explain something about the stores I like. I don't want people selling stuff for collector prices and I'm not a big fan of antique stores. I like places that are essentially an ongoing garage sale with items for sale at rock-bottom prices for the sole purpose of allowing people a place to dump off their junk when they're cleaning out their houses.

There you'll find my sweet spot.

With today's stop, the kids scored big.

As you can see, it was like Christmas in our house this morning. They walked away with four books, four puzzles, a new card game, an action figure, a "Jacob's ladder", a fish-shaped flashlight, a Ferngully DVD, and a super cool Marble Run set.

Just wait for the total cost. Because I did some shopping, too.

My haul today, as is usually the case, included some stuff from the classic Fisher Price Little People line. Here's the 1987 Little People Garage. There are a few chips in the ramp but overall it's in pretty good condition.

But why stop with just one when they had two? Here's the 1970s Play Family Garage which, over the course of a decade, ultimately led to the set seen above. This one was pretty dirty and (as I realized when I got home) smelled like old cat food.

After a disassembly and bath in the kitchen sink, no smell and it was good to go.

Of course, I'm always looking for any Hardy Boys Casefiles books I don't have and I found two more today.

Finally, after buying a set of Scooby-Doo figures earlier this week, I picked up another set today (minus Shaggy).


Look closely. They're slightly different.

That's why.

Now here's the kicker -- the reason I love junk shopping and the reason this store has become one of my favorites in the area.

Our total cost for all of this? My stuff combined with all of that stuff my kids came home with?

Twelve bucks and change.

. . .

I got some great news today when it was announced that Kurtis Blow will be headlining this summer's Taste of Champaign festival! I saw Kurtis Blow with Run DMC back in the late 90s in St. Louis at a since-torn-down club near the river.

And it was amazing.

Kurtis Blow comes from my absolute favorite time in hip-hop history and there is no doubt I'll be there for this free show in August!

. . .

VBS wrapped up this evening with a family night where Amy and I got to follow the kids around to get a look at what they've been doing all week.

My favorite part came when we were supposed to make fish out of popsicle sticks. Once we were finished with our craft, I taught my daughters the proper use for googly eyes and, of course, hilarity ensued at our section of the table.


I'd like to take this opportunity to say "you're welcome" to the parents of the other kids who saw us doing this and chose to follow suit.

. . .

On the way home, we couldn't help but notice that the fireflies were out in multitudes. With the kids up later than usual already, why not let them stay up a little later, right?

As the kids roamed our acre of tree-covered darkness swatting at the fireflies with their butterfly nets, I realized something.

I love our little space in this world more and more every day.

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