Day 31: Father's Day, 3rd Sunday Flea Market

Today, of course, was Father's Day and I got the full "whatever you want to do today" treatment.

Amy and the kids greeted me this morning with cards and new set of bamboo wind chimes. Little does my wife know, this is the second year in a row that she's fed my Karate Kid sickness on Father's Day. Last year it was a bonsai tree -- something everyone knows Mr. Miyagi would appreciate. This year may have been a simple effort to give me something she knew I'd like -- but, truth be told, I started liking bamboo chimes years ago when I first heard the sound they made when Daniel enters Miyagi's workshop.

No kidding.

So welcome to the yard, new chimes.

The kids' homemade cards were terrific.

Although I think her intended message was different, Charlotte stated an obvious lesson in biology.

Mason covered his "I love you" with car stickers.

And Anna knows that, despite the fact that I haven't driven a Jeep in six years, I still miss the one I used to drive.

. . .

A town about 40 minutes away holds a "3rd Sunday Market" each month during the warm months. I've heard for a while that this was a pretty decent flea market to visit but I'd never made the trip to check it out for myself. It just so happened, however, that today was the third Sunday of the month and we were operating under "whatever you want to do."

Off to the market we went.

Before going, though, I wanted to check it out online to see if it was really worth the trip and the fee to get in so I watched a promotional video showing highlights from past markets.

Based on this screencap from the promo video, the market clearly seemed like an enjoyable place to be.

Look closely. You'll see it.

So let me summarize my own 3rd Sunday Market experience as best I can.

It was super hot.

It was super crowded.

The place was massive with literally hundreds of sellers. Unfortunately, most were selling legit antiques at marked-up prices and not the kind of junk I like to dig through.

Also, I must have missed the sign requiring everyone in attendance to check their manners and common courtesies at the gate. I don't do well with large crowds of people where everyone is walking around like they own the place.

Honestly, the market had a lot of promise, but I probably won't go back as the experience definitely wasn't worth the fee at the gate. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more if Amy would have gone after an occasional handful like the lady in the video.

. . .

But, of course, I couldn't leave the place empty-handed. I did pick up this Little People school bus for a few bucks.

I also came away with a pretty cool set of Sweet Pickles game and activity cards. You might remember a few years ago when I filled in the missing titles from my childhood collection of Sweet Pickles books. With a complete set of the books, picking up these activity card sets was an easy decision.

. . .

We grabbed lunch at a cafe that served a bunch of Mediterranean food but also some more traditional dishes as well.

I ate a Philly cheese steak that tasted more like a White Castle slider. And that was okay by me.

Amy ate something that looked like a tree pooped on her plate.

. . .

Today I'm thankful for my family.

My wife. My kids.

My dad.


Happy Father's Day.

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