Day 32: The Not-So-Perfect Storm

What started as a hot and humid day outside and a day inside full of cleaning the kids' rooms and sorting Lego pieces quickly turned into an hour of craziness ... literally in the moments as I was heading to bed.

After spending much of the day cleaning, Amy and I wound down the evening in the basement with the Cubs and Cardinals on TV. As the game neared its end, a pretty solid thunderstorm passed through.

Nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Little did we know that the outside storm drain at the bottom of the steps leading to the back of our basement had been covered perfectly with the two or three leaves that were nearby and water was pooling outside the door -- slowly finding its way into the back of our basement through the tiny space under the door.

We've had tons of rain at one time since we've lived here and occasionally some leaves at the bottom of those steps. Still, never one drop of water in the basement. Having been warned by the previous owners of the house to keep that drain clear or this exact situation would arise, I've always made a point to do so. It just so happened that the two or three leaves that were down there last night had found themselves placed perfectly in a vacuum over the drain cover by 3 1/2 inches of rain coming down in barely an hour.


Really. We are very lucky here for a few reasons.
  1. That part of our basement isn't living space. It's only the laundry room and what the kids refer to as my "secret room" (more on that in a minute). Nothing fancy. Just a concrete slab with a remnant carpet over one room -- one we've been intending to pull up and dispose of anyway.
  2. The water, although pooled several inches deep outside the door at the time I cleared the drain, was mostly contained to a concrete section of the laundry room about 3 feet x 15 feet. Nothing that wasn't cleaned up easily with a shop vac and a few old towels.
  3. Most of all, I had no reason to go into this part of the basement on my way upstairs -- but for some reason I did. Had I not, the water pooled outside would have found its way in overnight and we would have woken up to a real mess this morning including some damage to a few things I'd left on the floor in my "secret room."
So long story short, I didn't go to bed and Amy and I spent the next hour cleaning up the water. Heading upstairs, the drain was clear and the basement was bone dry.

. . .

Let's get to the "secret room." I know you're curious.

There is a small room sectioned off in the back corner of our basement, used by the previous owners to store tools and such. When we moved here last fall, one thing Amy asked was for me to find something different to do with all of my "stuff" besides having it on display and stored in one of our living spaces.

This room seemed perfect and Amy agreed to let me take it over.

Thus my "secret room" (as the kids call it) was established as a place for me to store all of my stuff. Sure, it's just the back corner of a basement ... but it's my back corner of the basement.

And it's dry.


Unknown said...

Everybody should have a secret room. I can't imagine why your wife wouldn't want all those treasures on full display, but what are ya gonna do? Glad the basement didn't flood -- we had those same storms roll through here in Virginia and cowered in our basement until they passed.

TL said...

For what it's worth, my fingerprint is still seen in various spots throughout the house ... the records on the wall, the Karate Kid posters in the basement living space. Apparently the Little People and action figures everywhere were taking things a bit too far though. :)