Day 33: Initech, Screen Time Contract, Reel Big Fish

I always have a ton of pens on my desk -- just laying there and in the way. I needed something to put them in so that was on my list of things to buy today as I set out for an afternoon of errands.

On my way, of course, I had to stop at a new favorite thrift store in town where I quickly found my pen holder for a buck.

You've seen Office Space, right?

Actually, the dollar spent wasn't only for the mug -- it was actually for the not-quite-complete "Office Space Kit" which is apparently (based on eBay prices) somewhat hard to find.


I'll keep the mug and piece out the rest of the stuff (including a "Jump To Conclusions" mat) and should make an unexpected profit many times over on this purchase.

At this thrift store, I also spent a buck on 1984 TV Guide board game.

The picture on the bottom of the box indicates that this is a terrific game for the mid-80s middle-aged and older crowd ... but I'm more interested in that creepy silhouette seen at the top of the picture.

. . .

Our kids love screens -- TV shows, iPad apps, computer games. We started something with them yesterday which requires them to complete a list of tasks each day before they are allowed any screen time.
  • Made your bed?
  • Had breakfast?
  • Are you dressed?
  • Brushed your teeth and hair?
  • Spent at least 20 minutes reading?
  • Picked up at least one room in the house?
  • Spent 30 minutes outside doing something active?
  • Done something creative?
  • Helped someone in the family?
  • Been kind and respectful?
Okay, then. You may now have some screen time.

Much to our surprise, it's going really well.

Charlotte read for well beyond her "required" time tonight while Anna and Mason voluntarily joined me in the yard picking up sticks from last night's storm.

We'll see how long this lasts.

. . .

My Ferris Bueller Pops arrived today. Despite the fact that Amazon did a miserable packaging job, they're pretty awesome.

. . .

I've been in a Reel Big Fish mood today. So here's this...

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