Day 35: A Look Inside the Secret Room

Amy, my brother and I took all of the kids swimming this morning.

And this afternoon.

For a long time.

They slept well.

. . .

Rather than share a bunch of pictures of the kids at the pool as I've done several times over this summer, I thought I'd revisit a topic from a few days ago that generated a surprising amount of interest and response.

My "secret room."

First off, let me clarify that this is the name my kids came up with for the room. I may have said it once or twice in jest but they are responsible for the creep factor that comes with anyone having a "secret room" in their house.

My pal Derek hit it on the head in a text following my post from a few days ago.

Several people found it fun to exercise their eagle eyes to find specific items in the pictures I shared before so I thought I'd build off of that with a selection of random photos from around the room. Some include items from my childhood while others show some of the junk I've picked up over the years.


Shawn Robare said...

Wow, just, wow. Very cool tour around the corner!

TL said...

Thanks, Shawn ... Plenty of other shelves in there to share another time. :)