Day 36: RBI Baseball, Gut Bomb, The Homeless Gospel Choir

I got to hang out with my friend Wayne this morning for a few hours of old school Nintendo. I nearly suffered a loss in RBI Baseball and did indeed endure a very humbling defeat in Tecmo Bowl.

Wayne mentioned an RBI Baseball competition that's held in Chicago but the entry fee is apparently pretty steep. I think it'd be worth it just to enter and yell at every one of my opponents who didn't give me enough time to cock my bat before each swing.

If you've every played RBI Baseball, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

The bat cock was discussed at length back in 2014 during one of my fourth-chair appearances on the Nerd Lunch Podcast. Again, let me emphasize that there are more appropriate ways to research the history of cocking one's bat in RBI Baseball than to Google the term "bat cock."

Take my word for it.

. . .

I had the grand idea to swung by Taco Bell for a quick lunch and decided on the $5 Cravings meal -- Burrito Supreme, Cheesy Gordita Crunch, a crunchy taco, nachos with cheese and a drink. All with a healthy dose of Diablo Sauce, of course.

About ten bucks worth of Taco Bell goodness for five bucks.

Why do I do this to myself?

Here's some weird YouTube video apparently featuring a robot who ate the same thing.

Let me draw the best comparison I can here as, much like most Taco Bell experiences, it starts out so good but ends so badly. Imagine asking someone to give you a back rub with the understanding that when they're done, they're going to punch you in the kidney as hard as they can.

This is what it's like to eat a $5 Cravings Lunch at Taco Bell.

. . .

If you follow me on any form of social media, you've certainly heard me sing the praises of Derek Zanetti -- better known as the Homeless Gospel Choir. Earlier this week, I was thrilled to stumble upon an eBay sale offering a vinyl copy of one of Derek's early releases.

On super cool colored vinyl nonetheless.

With a very limited number of these records floating around out there, I couldn't believe I was able to pick it up for barely more than I'd spend for a couple of Taco Bell gut bombs.

I'm always happy to fill any gaps in my music collection, but anything I don't have from the Homeless Gospel Choir is especially gratifying as Derek's lyrics strike chord after chord with me when it comes to political opinion, world views, and a general desire to be happy.

I wanna have friends that remind me of a birthday party
I wanna have dreams even when I'm awake
It's good to have company in the midst of being lonely
It's a gift to feel forgiven for all of your mistakes

Are you trying to make a living or are you trying to make a killing
How much of yourself will you give away
Will you remember what you once looked like
And I wonder what the young you would have to say

Do you have the stomach or the heart to give a damn
Countless books and sermons and I don't understand
But I want to grow to be one of understanding
Not just another stupid American man

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