Day 37: VHS Treasure, Fallen Trees, Ski

After picking up my nephew at the U of I basketball camp, our full van headed south to spend a few days back home where my dad is about to hit a milestone birthday -- one of those birthdays that ends in zero.

This one may or may not start with a 7.

. . .

As kids, my brother and I both found it hilarious to pick apart the censored versions of movies aired on network television -- ones that were likely censored by the local St. Louis affiliate and therefore done on a minimal budget. The example we recall most often is an edited version of Police Academy which includes a scene where Lieutenant Harris' line "Nobody screws with me" is terribly overdubbed with the word "plays" replacing "screws."

I swear it's funny if you could hear it.

Matt and I were talking about this recently and he mentioned that he might still have a copy of this movie recorded on a decades-old VHS tape -- a tape he gave me tonight!

Stay tuned as this amazing story plays out...

. . .

Out at my dad's house, I noticed something new hanging on his living room wall -- an etching made from an old photograph of my grandparents' farmhouse (my dad's childhood home). I thought it was a pretty cool idea he had to have this made and even better that he had enough made that I got one, too!

I haven't been by there in quite some time -- not since we stopped by following my grandmother's funeral a few years ago (which came only a handful of weeks after my grandfather's funeral).

. . .

You might recall the piece I wrote a few years ago about the cherry tree in my old neighborhood that served as the "on-deck circle" for batters waiting their turn to hit as we played backyard baseball (one of my favorite things I've ever written, actually). The cherry tree was all but wiped out by a storm and general negligence which sort of took a bit of wind out of my childhood sail.

The same could be said for the huge tree that my dad recently lost in his back yard -- a tree that was planted around the time I was born.

Here's a shot of my dad's backyard taken about a year ago.

Here's how it looked when we arrived this weekend.

Different...but same.

. . .

On a positive note, however, we were back in Southern Illinois and that meant that near the top of my to-do list was a stop at the grocery store to pick up a supply of one of my all-time favorites.

You can have your impossible-to-find Ecto Cooler.

I'm drinking Ski.

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Jeff B. said...

Tim - totally remember that horrible overdub 'PLAYS' in Police Academy (also, huge campfire flames to cover bare-chested women.)