Day 39: Hometown Junk, Chickens & Foxes

We left my dad's today and headed home -- but not without some hometown junk shopping first.

There is a consignment store back home where we often take our stuff when we visit my dad. It certainly hasn't made us rich or anything, but we have better luck there than we do at any local spots here in the Champaign area.

Of course, browsing is required after dropping off a trunk full of odds and ends. Today I came home with a near complete Fisher-Price Little People Play Family Main Street set.

I did already have the base structure for this set but mine was in pretty rough shape in comparison. I picked it up for next to nothing this past spring along with a box of other Fisher Price junk and an All in the Family record.

Anyway, I paid a little more than I typically would for something like this but did so knowing full well that the mail truck, mailman, and letters could easily be sold for twice what I paid for the whole thing.

The question now is what to keep and what to sell.

. . .

About once week this summer we've seen a fox trot across our backyard an hour or so after the sun has risen. It's become somewhat of an attraction that we and our neighbors enjoy seeing.

But our neighbors have chickens.

Late last week, we found a curious amount of feathers scattered in one part of our yard. Now I'm no genius, but I've got a pretty good idea what happened.

Then tonight, our neighbor informed us that a fox had been hit on the highway not far from our house.

There has been no official statement released by the surviving chickens, but I'm interested in hearing their alibi.

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