Day 40: One Bad Pig

In 1990, I was wrapping up 8th grade and my musical tastes were all over the place as I was listening to everything from New Kids on the Block to N.W.A. Included in my regular musical rotation were a handful of Christian artists including a punk band called One Bad Pig.

One Bad Pig -- a band whose name was inspired by KSHE 95's mascot Sweet Meat -- had a few albums out by the time I stumbled upon Swine Flew as a soon-to-be-freshman.

Plain and simple. I was hooked.

I even painted up my skateboard (which I bought off my next-door neighbor for five bucks) to look like the deck seen on the Swine Flew album cover.

One Bad Pig was a fast-paced punk sound with a message that seemed to go hand-in-hand with the religious beliefs I had been taught since I was a kid -- beliefs I was starting to take ownership of as a teenager. Sure the message of One Bad Pig was quite different than that of Eazy-E, but I like to think I was well-rounded from a young age. :)

Swine Flew was followed up the next year with I Scream Sunday -- an album that featured a duet with Johnny Cash.


I like to call this the high point of Johnny Cash's career.

The live album and video came after that and, as you'd expect, they all ended up at my house.

Also, as you'd expect, I still have them today.

Over the two and a half decades to follow I finished high school, finished college, finished grad school, got married and had some kids. As my music collection grew by leaps and bounds over that time, I also filled in the gaps in my One Bad Pig discography and kept up with their further compilations and live releases as they continued to tour off and on until that time.

One CD I ordered through the band's website a few years ago came cleverly packaged in the VHS cover of the 1991 live video. A blast from the past sending me back to when I dropped some hard-earned yard-mowing money on that tape.

News flash: I keep everything.

The One Bad Pig story was put into book format within the past year or so and shares with fans the history of this Christian punk band. Although it's (in my opinion) very poorly written and lazily published, it's the only title of its kind so buying a copy was a no brainer. I'll take a mediocre book over no book at all.

But the biggest news came in recent months when rumors started to circulate that the band was getting back together for a new album and maybe even some tour dates.

Could it be? Was this legit? Was the Pig gonna go at it again after all these years?

One successful Kickstarter campaign later, the answer was "yes" and the product of that campaign arrived in my mailbox today!

As if that wasn't enough, among the small number of tour dates One Bad Pig will be playing to support this new album, one happens to be at the Audiofeed Festival -- held right here in Champaign-Urbana this coming weekend!

For Christmas this past year, my wife bought me two three-day passes to the festival knowing there were several artists scheduled to be there that I wanted to see -- Josh Garrels, Propaganda, JGivens, Spoken Nerd.....and One Bad Pig.

So let me sum this up -- one of my favorite bands from my childhood has a new album out after 25 years which I received today..... and this weekend, I get to see them live!


. . .

I suppose the search continues for a copy of the censored version of Police Academy. I checked the tape by brother gave me this weekend and it's full of Robotech and Freddy's Nightmares episodes. Following the last episode on the tape, Police Academy cuts in half-way through the riot scene from the end of the movie.

The hunt goes on.

. . .

Last night, I may or may not have eaten half a box of Chicken in a Biskit crackers for dinner.

Don't judge.

. . .

I bought a Karate Kid story book on eBay for 99 cents.


It cost the seller $1.50 to send it to me.

Here's some quick math:
Sale price (0.99) - shipping costs (1.50) - eBay final value fees (0.10) - PayPal fee (0.33) = -0.94
It cost this seller almost a dollar to sell me this book.

. . .

Here's some classic Pig as we hit the half-way point in the 2016 Summer of Tim.


The Rebel said...

That's a really unique name for a band....a Christian band at that!

Cool Karate Kid book. I love movie novelization....unfortunately these kind of books don't come as cheap over here in the far east......damn it.

TL said...

Yeah this Karate Kid book pops up fairly often but never this cheap. Couldn't pass it up for a measly buck!