Day 44: AudioFeed Saturday

If yesterday belonged to hip-hop, today belonged to One Bad Pig.

You may have already read my account of becoming a Pig fan as a teenager...but after a quick hello to their lead singer yesterday, I had no choice when I saw them manning their merch table in the hours leading up to their performance. I needed a picture with these guys -- legends in the book of Tim.

. . .

The afternoon included another solid dose of hip-hop as we got up-close-and-personal with Joey the Jerk and JGivens.

And there was this guy, too, but I'm not quite sure what his story is...

. . .

Eating dinner at the festival tonight, I realized something. I need to eat more vegetables.

Wait. Let me rephrase that. I need to eat some vegetables.

My meals today have been this:
Breakfast -- Leftover bacon on a piece of toast with at least three cups of coffee
Lunch -- A frozen pizza before we left the house
Dinner -- A Frisbee-sized tenderloin with fries at the festival
Seriously. If I don't make it to 40, at least you'll know why.

. . .


Enough is enough. Let's get to One Bad Pig.

It was exactly the show I had hoped for -- their classic stage antics balanced with that adrenaline-pumping skate-punk sound and a sincere message of grace and redemption. The same One Bad Pig I used to idolize as a teenager.

Just a little older.

But so am I.

Watching these guys perform, if I didn't know any better, it could have been 1990 all over again.


Among countless others, I'm so sincerely thankful for One Bad Pig whose music was a significant part of my youth and played a legitimate role in solidifying my faith during those years.

The night may have belonged to One Bad Pig but it also belonged to 14-year-old me who never had the chance to see a Pig show outside of the live album released on VHS.

It was exactly what I needed. Not only what I wanted but what I needed. In so many ways.

And I soaked up every last second.

Thanks Pig.

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