Day 45: AudioFeed Sunday

With AudioFeed wrapping up today, I was reflecting on all of the great performances I'd seen over the weekend as Amy and I headed back to the festival for one last dose of music. As we waited to check out a band recommended by a friend, having seen so many amazing musicians, I decided that there was no one I could really pinpoint a favorite.

Then the band started.

And I saw my favorite performance of the weekend.

The Scurvies owned the stage and had me drawn in to their high-energy punk show from the second they started. To give you a taste, here's a short video clip from the show that I texted to my brother knowing he'd love these guys, as well.

. . .

One of the musicians Amy and I wanted to see most this weekend was Josh Garrels. After The Scurvies finished their set, we headed to the stage where he'd be playing in time to be very pleasantly surprised by the second half of a performance by The Hunts -- a group of seven siblings playing some amazing folk music much akin to the style of Elvis Perkins.

. . .

And then there was Josh Garrels wrapping up our AudioFeed weekend.

If you're unfamiliar with Josh's music, I'm honestly not sure it can be easily described. Sometimes he's folk and roots while other times he's hip-hop and soul. All of this combined, he's got a style all his own which has made him a favorite musician of Amy's and mine over the past few years.

Back at the end of 2014, I wrote up my list of "Music That Doesn't Suck" from that year and mentioned that Josh's song Beyond the Blue is one of my favorite songs I've ever heard. This certainly still holds true today as I don't hesitate to say that if I had to pinpoint a favorite song, for so many reasons, that would be it.

Not my favorite Josh Garrels song.

Not my favorite song of the past few years.

My favorite song.


Although he didn't play it last night, here's Beyond the Blue from a performance back in 2014. See if it grabs you by the gut like it does to me every time I hear it.

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