Day 54: Werewolves, All-Stars, Pokemon

I've never been a big comic book guy, but occasionally one will come along that actually interests me enough to read.

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I read a comic book today.

This particular publication compiles the first five or six issues of Back to the Future which tell some fun stories beyond the movie trilogy. Have you ever wondered how a kid like Marty got wrapped up in the shenanigans of an old scientist like Doc Brown? That's covered in the first story line.

The icing on the cake here is that one of the contributors to these stories is Bob Gale who served as co-creator/writer/producer of the BTTF movies. These stories are not fan fiction but rather details to fill in the gaps for those who have seen the trilogy time and time again.

. . .

The kids had their six-month check-ups at the dentist today. Clean teeth all around.

. . .

I overheard another quality kid conversation today as Charlotte explained to Anna the origin of the word "werewolf."
"The 'wolf' part is because they turn into wolves. The 'were' part is because nobody knows where they come from."
Sounds reasonable to me.

. . .

Tonight was the MLB All-Star Game which takes me back to my childhood every year. Growing up, the St. Louis Cardinals were the nearest major league team so many of their games were broadcast on television. Beyond that, we'd get whatever games the major networks were airing on the weekends. All of that to say, there weren't many opportunities to watch our favorite players in action -- that is, until the All-Star game at which point we got to watch them all on the same field.

My hope is that my kids are starting to remember names like Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant the way I remembered names like Pete Rose and Ryne Sandberg.

[Disclaimer: As much as I loved Pete Rose as a kid, I've come to realize over time that he's a gigantic ass.]

. . .

This Pokemon Go game is entertaining -- but not necessarily the game itself, as I have no idea what it even entails. All I know is that it's an app that requires people to go outside their houses in attempt to collect various items.

Over the past week, I have seen more random people walking up and down the road outside our house looking back and forth between their phones and their surroundings. There are plenty of people we see walking for exercise and pleasure, but these are people we've not seen before. And there's no doubt what they're doing.

On top of it all, my hometown radio station published the following story on their Facebook page today.

I have so many questions.

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