Day 57: Jean Shorts and New Balance

Bags packed. Van loaded.

Time for vacation.

In another classic case of knowing someone who knows someone, Amy and I have friends whose parents own a house in Traverse City, MI which they allow others to use during times when they are not staying there themselves. Planning our vacation well in advance this year (100% of that credit going to Amy), Vacation 2016 looks to include plenty of beach time, wineries, and maybe even some minor league baseball.

It's pretty clear that Traverse City is one gigantic tourist trap, but that's what vacations are for, right? Buying things and going places you wouldn't otherwise. So bring on the souvenirs! Bring on the overpriced meals! Bring on the middle-aged men in jean shorts and New Balance shoes!

We're on vay-CAY-tion!

[Full disclosure, I packed one pair of New Balance shoes.]

. . .

Back home, I understand the temperature today was in the lower 90s. When we arrived in Traverse City, it was 63. Too chilly to hit the water right away, but not so much so that we couldn't scout out the area a bit.

Our friends from home were just wrapping up their own stay here so we intentionally overlapped our vacations by a night so they could show us around and our families could spend some time together.

Taking a walk down to a nearby dock, it wasn't long before the kids started exploring.

And despite the cool air temperature, it wasn't long before Mason decided to be Mason.

It's okay though. You know why? Because we're on vay-CAY-tion!

. . .

Even though they'll be leaving on Saturday, if the few hours we had with our friends tonight are any indication, we're in for a great trip!

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