Day 58: Berries, Beach, Beer

I thought today was going to start out at a cost of several hundred dollars to upgrade my phone. I've been having a lot of problems with it for two or three months now -- SIM card failing, difficulty getting it to charge -- and this morning it seemed as though it'd reached the end of its line. Attempting to charge it up for the day, no matter how much I wiggled and pushed the cord, my phone showed no signs of charging.

Off to the nearest Verizon store we went.

Twenty minutes later, an embarrassingly large amount of lint had been removed from the inside of my phone and it was good as new. They replaced my SIM card as well -- all for a total of zero dollars and zero cents.

I went in expecting to spend hundreds and they let me walk out without spending a dime.

Point. Verizon.

. . .

On the way back through town, we loaded up on groceries and made a stop at one of the half-million roadside berry stands, as well. Seriously, these things are everywhere.

Blueberries. Cherries. Raspberries. All over the place.

I stayed in the car but I'm absolutely assuming that Amy approached the fruit stand and just said, "Give me one of everything."

What the hell is a saskatoon anyway? They look like dirty blueberries.

. . .

After a long day on the road yesterday and a late night with friends last night, a round of naps were in order all around this afternoon. The kids hit the beds, Amy took the couch, and I popped on the Cubs game and was passed out in a recliner by the third inning.

Ah. Vacation.

. . .

Fully recharged, we had some time to visit the beach before dinner. The kids swam and played while Amy and I soaked up some sun.

The nearby beach is so much different than our beach experience last year in New Buffalo. That beach was super rocky and was crowded at any given time of day unless you wanted to go first thing in the morning -- which we did once.

This year we've got easy access to a smaller, more private beach. You see, we're not actually staying in the heart of Traverse City but rather on the peninsula just north of the downtown area. This is allowing us to avoid much of the chaotic touristy experience and to relax in a much more private and quiet area including a small beach just a few miles up the road.

Since it's the weekend, it was pretty busy at the beach this evening...but it wasn't even a fraction of the congestion we'd be experiencing on a typical public beach.

. . .

One of the times I stepped down to the water's edge, Amy took a picture that seemed familiar as soon as I saw it.

The Karate Kid is always in my subconscious.

. . .

Back to the house for dinner, we threw some burgers on the grill and enjoyed the peaceful evening outside (the picture at the top of this post was taken on the deck of the house where we're staying).

The kids pulled out some sparklers left over from the Fourth of July.


Before the kids went to bed, we threw down a mean game of Slamwich and Amy and I shut down the day with a few drinks.

. . .

I picked up a decent six-pack today -- Great Lakes Brewing Company's Turntable Pilsner.

I once said that you could mix gasoline and urine and serve it to me with a name referencing The Karate Kid and I'd drink it with gusto!

Pretty sure the same could be said for anything with a record on it.

The beer is decent. The packaging is fantastic.

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Rob O'Hara said...

Over the past year, the speaker on my iPhone has slowly lost volume. It got worse and worse until, about six months ago, I couldn't hear anything at all. I finally took my iPhone into the Apple store, pounded my fist (figuratively), and demanded they fix it. The technician was very calm, took my phone from me, and returned roughly five minutes later.

As nicely as possible, the technician explained that a large amount of lint and dirt had gotten into the ear hole. I nodded and eventually said, "well, I come from a long line of people with dirty ears." The technician gently explained that I might want to clean the phone's ear hole out occasionally with a q-tip and some alcohol.

As with your experience there was no charge for this "repair," although my pride took a bit of a beating...