Day 60: Downtown, Cherry Pie, High School Reunion

I'm tired today so I'll keep this one simple.

. . .

We hit up downtown Traverse City today to see what the hype was all about. After a few minutes of trying to use our phones to guide us, we realized we probably looked like we were playing Pokemon Go so we tracked down one of those cartoony tourist maps instead.

The verdict on the downtown area?


It's okay.

I guess cherries are a big deal up here and a store called Cherry Republic sells nothing but cherry products -- cherry candy, cherry salsa, cherry everything. Amy bought a few things while the kids played in a ball pit half-filled with cherry seeds.

They were finding cherry seeds in the creases of their clothing for hours after we left.

We also stopped by the Grand Traverse Pie Company where Amy picked up a cherry pie. Of course, I spent the next hour with this song in my head.

What was that 1990? 1991?

Speaking of 1990 -- that's the year I started high school. While we were in downtown Traverse City, we had lunch at the Blue Tractor Cook Shop and were joined by a good friend of mine from high school who lives in the area and happened to be in town today for work.

Despite keeping in touch through social media, we hadn't seen each other in about twenty years!

. . .

After a quick trip to the beach and then dinner, the kids were wiped. They were all three out cold by 7:00 (6:00 back home) which is especially impressive considering the sun doesn't set here until almost 10:00 every night.

. . .

Day 60.

Only twenty more and this summer is in the books...

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