Day 70: Overdue Junk Shopping

After not doing so throughout almost all of July, I hit up my favorite junk stores today. I swear this is like a drug for me and I was going through withdrawal.

. . .

At my first stop, I picked up four bags of WWE wrestling figures at three bucks per bag -- between 40 and 50 figures for twelve dollars. With every intention to sell these off, I won't have a problem making an easy profit here.

I also bought a pretty cool Coca-Cola advertisement puzzle for fifty cents. I've always enjoyed working on puzzles but now that I'm forty, I can openly admit that. Old people do puzzles, right?

Buying puzzles at thrift stores is always a crap shoot as there's a 50/50 chance that there'll be pieces missing. Opening this box up, I found that the last person to complete the puzzle had taken it apart in chunks which made it super easy for me to see if it was complete.

Much to my surprise, all 1000 pieces were accounted for.

Big shout out to Curtis Williams for buying this puzzle in 1983.

. . .

Next up was a stop at the non-profit book outlet where everything's a quarter.

I'm a sucker for comic books -- not traditional Superman type stuff but comics like what my grandmother always called the funny papers. When I was a kid, I had a minor obsession with the "morning funnies" and a dream to become a cartoonist myself someday.

While that obviously never panned out, I continue to buy these books when I see them for cheap -- and twenty-five cents is cheap.

And how about those two French Peanuts books? A pretty fun addition to the collection even though the only word I can understand on the cover is "Peanuts."

Little Golden Books always come home with me, too ... and then what appears to be a pretty quick and interesting take on the Amistad slave revolt. But what about Future Forward? This isn't really the kind of book I tend to buy unless it's a title that I have a distinct recollection of from my own childhood. I'd never heard of this title but the book caught my eye for some reason.

"The VCR Kelly and Scott Forrest use for time travel is becoming unreliable...But if the VCR won't go back in time, will it go forward?"

The story of a time-traveling VCR? Twenty-five cents? Sold!

. . .

Off to Disc Replay where I had a few dollars in store credit that I wanted to burn before the end of the summer. After using my credit, Pee-Wee on Broadway and Barnstorming cost me 37 cents.


. . .

My last stop was at another thrift store that happened to be on my way home where I was excited to find a Paw Patrol playset for Mason. It goes without saying that he was all sorts of wound up when I got it home.

I always make a quick glance at the books in this place when I'm there but have never found anything worth while.

Until today.

As I continue to piece together my collection of Hardy Boys Casefiles books, I will occasionally find one or two that I don't have but today I found thirteen!

The best Casefiles haul I've come up with since March which, strangely enough, was also a stack of thirteen titles.

Still looking forward to the day that I find book #73 -- Bad Rap.

Just looking at the cover, I have so many questions...

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Will said...

I LOVED Hardy Boys Casefiles growing up. They were so much edgier than the standard HB books. I mean, they blew up Joe's girlfriend in the first volume! Nice finds!