Day 71: A Very Random Friday

Amy and I were sorting through some old books and I came across a picture book from when I was a kid called My Little Pictionary.

The story goes that before I was old enough to read, I was looking at this book and pointed out a picture of a woman's bathing suit. Mistaking it for a golf bag, I referred to it as a "golf thing" and hilarity ensued.

For years.

It's nice to know that some stories never die.

. . .

A set of Public Enemy action figures is set to be released soon.

As awesome as these are, I can't bring myself to drop sixty bucks on four small toys.

. . .

Without a doubt, Jose Canseco has one of the strangest Twitter accounts I know of.

Hug 4 U 2, Jose.

. . .

New Todd Snider single released today.

New album out this fall.

. . .

I bought a handful of CDs at Goodwill today for a buck. I will not confirm nor deny that one of those CDs was Nelson's After the Rain.

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