Day 76: New Memories Through Old Photos

Last spring, when I did an article for mental_floss, I got my hands on a converter for 35mm slides. After being back at my dad's earlier this week, I came home with a small box of slides -- some looked newer but several were marked with dates from the 1970s.


When I was a kid, I used to love looking through our family photo albums. In fact, I feel like this is a big part of why I remember so much from my childhood -- because I was able to relive those memories over and over through these photos. As the years have passed, I'm continually fascinated when I'm able to find photos from my childhood that I've never seen before -- maybe in an album at a relative's house or in the bottom of a box back home. These "new to me" photos fill in gaps in my memory -- moments lost to time but preserved for me to recall decades later.

The slides I brought back from my dad's did just that as I found pictures I remember seeing a time or two as a kid, but ones that were not part of our printed family photos.

It was time to stimulate the hollows of my long-term memory.

There were pictures of my brother and I with two of our cousins -- "Hey, kids! Go outside and sit in that pile of burning leaves!"

There were shots of us playing at home. Clearly my parents kept Fisher-Price in business in the 1970s.

And there were even some pre-Tim shots of my mom.


While this may not seem like the goldmine discovery I'm making it out to be, this stuff is priceless to me.

With many of my earliest memories solidified as a result of countless looks through our family photo albums, these are much more than just a few more snapshots to file away --they're new memories of moments otherwise forgotten.



Shawn Robare said...

Very cool, and I'm super jealous. Though I have a smattering of photos from my childhood, my parents weren't really shutterbugs, so I always get excited when folks I know find treasures like these.

TL said...

I realize that to most, finding pictures like this wouldn't be a big deal. It's nice to know there are others out there with the same understanding and feelings towards these treasures!