Day 77: Family First, Right?

Family first, right?

A good friend of mine from back home is the vocalist for a pretty amazing Southern Illinois band which hasn't performed together in years. When Brian told me last spring that they were planning a show for August, I knew I wouldn't be missing it for anything!

I went to add it to my calendar only to find that there was already something there.

I suppose I should've said I wouldn't be missing it for anything...except my wife's cousin's wedding in Milwaukee.

. . .

Tonight I spent an hour being more thankful for the internet than I've been in quite some time. As the band rehearsed for Saturday's show, some wonderful human being thought to live stream it through Facebook.

The next best thing to being there, I suppose.

And after a pretty low key day, this is how I spent my evening.

Watching their rehearsal.

Twice. Once live. And then again.

I'll certainly be fully present at the wedding this weekend, but I can't say that a part of my spirit won't be with Gogatta.

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