Record Sale 2016

Since 2011, I've helped out with a record sale that benefits a local non-profit organization. The director of the non-profit changed a few years ago so there was no sale that year and last year I was not able to help out. So it's been a while since I've had the pleasure of rooting through boxes of donations coming from random basements around the area.

There are two stages of the record sale that I help with -- both of which I enjoy for entirely different reasons. The preparation stage, leading up to the sale, involves sorting through hundreds of records, CDs, and general garbage donated to the cause. In doing so, the potential for treasure lurks in the bottom of each mold-stenched box.

Then there's the sale itself where I get to watch as dudes in hoodies and Converse All-Stars wake up early on a Saturday morning to get their hands on records that they can't turn down for a buck each.

In all fairness, I had on a hoodie and a pair of All-Stars at the sale. And there were women there, too.

But really, it's tons of fun to see the random selection of titles that shoppers collect while they try their hardest to be cool and keep from tapping their toes to Sheena is a Punk Rocker playing from the speaker system.

The variety is fascinating.

I see you there with your hipster haircut holding that Lionel Richie album with the cover facing you so no one will notice. Don't think for a second that I don't know you're going straight back to your campus apartment to give Dancing on the Ceiling everything you've got.

But again, I'm including myself in this crowd. The only difference is that I did most of my shopping ahead of time and I take pride in my eclectic tastes. Here's a glance at this year's haul including Ann Corio Presents 'More How to Strip For Your Husband.'

Please don't take offense, ladies. I'm just trying to get my wife interested in record collecting. :)

Then the CDs. In previous years, records have been a dollar and CDs were two. This time around, everything was a buck which gave me a green light to get random.

Sesame Street and Iron Maiden bought in the same lot.

Another successful record sale in the books.


Brothermidnight said...

wow! I havent seen a copy of Helmet's Betty in a couple decades .

TL said...

That was the first thing I put on yesterday when I got home and played it through twice before listening to anything else.

Chad Harmon said...

My neighbor was just asking me yesterday if I wanted to go see Helmet play in the city.

TL said...

Still one of my favorites.

The Rebel said...

Man I wish I have such events here in my part of the world. Buying dirt cheap quality music is the best.