The Chicago Cubs Got a Trophy

Among the many random topics I’ve written about over the years here on FASTE, I’ve occasionally mentioned my love of baseball and the Chicago Cubs.

With the Cubs becoming World Series champions last night, I keep feeling like I needed to chime in here with something. Maybe some thoughts and opinions on the team, the season, and the victory? But really…what could I say that wasn’t already being said countless times over by other writers? History made. Curses broken. Joy abundant across Cubs Nation.

So rather than hammering out the same commentary as every other Cubs fan with a keyboard, let me share with you this…

Last night, in the eighth inning of Game 7 – arguably one of the most exciting games in baseball history – the Indians tied the game…

…and I went to bed.


After enduring so many throughout my forty years, I simply couldn’t stand to watch yet another Cubs collapse. Especially not when they were this close.

With Cleveland's game-tying home run, a feeling of utter sadness started to take over as I thought about one of my kids. After every Cubs win this postseason, my six-year-old daughter has eagerly asked me, “Did they get a trophy?” I was going to have to tell her in the morning that they hadn’t gotten a trophy…and they wouldn’t be getting one.

I’d had enough.

I turned off my phone to avoid any notifications, texts, and phone calls. I left my Cardinal-fan/Cubs-supporting wife in the living room to continue watching what was sure to be another disappointment for Cubs fans.

And I went to bed.

Shedding my Cubs hat and my sweatshirt, I turned the lights out and tuned in to Nick at Nite for some background noise aimed at distracting myself from a feeling of total deflation.

Friends was on. It was the one where the animal control lady comes looking for Ross and his pet monkey.

This attempt at all-out avoidance was deliberate. And it lasted approximately two minutes.

I changed the channel to FOX and continued watching the same Cubs team I'd spent countless hours watching throughout the season.

Where were you when the Cubs won the World Series? I was dancing around my TV-lit bedroom in my boxers.

. . .

I stayed up until 3am watching post-game celebrations and commentary.

I did my best to keep up with the late-night texts, phone calls, and social media posts from fellow fans and well-wishers as we celebrated the Cubs championship from various locations across the country.

But best of all, I woke up this morning and got to tell my kids that the Cubs had won.

And, yes, they gave them a trophy.