Rollin' VIP: The Top 25 K-Fed Lyrics

When I think about the best lyricists in the history of hip-hop, certain names immediately come to mind.




Kevin Federline.

Yeah, I said it. K-Fed, son! Time to roll VIP with the top 25 Kevin Federline lyrics from his debut (and only) album, Playing With Fire.

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25. "Like Jesus in every way / I’m crucified and slayed / Watch me die then I rise on the seventh day" [Middle Finger]

24. "Care for my rhyme like the crime rate" [Crazy]

23. "Crossed in a rap like longitude and latitude" [Kept On Talkin']

22. "Didn't see me coming 'cuz I move like a stealth / And Kev like cancer, I'm bad for your health" [League of My Own]

21. "But now I’m feeling like George Bush and Osama / We gotta stop this shit put an end to this drama" [Caught Up]

20. "Don't hate 'cuz I'm a superstar and I married a superstar / Never come between us no matter who you are" [Lose Control]

19. "Kevin Federline - I come tight with every rhyme / I built a kingdom down the street from Pepperdine" [America's Most Hated]

18. "You gonna need a big army if you comin' for me / K Federline - I hit like tsunamis" [America's Most Hated]

17. "Preach this, turn your body pale like I bleached it / Put it on your mind like telekinesis" [League of My Own]

16. "I'm hotter than a pizza oven" [Snap]

15. "You can hate but you still gotta respect this / Let my nuts hang like a motherfuckin necklace" [League of My Own]

14. "I'm like Val Kilmer how I'm bringin' this heat" [Playing with Fire]

13. "One snap of the finger, the floor is where you laying" [The World is Mine]

12. "But it was all about feelings when I stepped to you / Now I’m chopped up feeling like a vegetable" [Caught Up]

11. "Kev Federline and a whole set of dimes / 'Cause Benjamin Franklin is a good friend of mine" [Snap]

10. "Got so much flavor like 2Pac juice" [Crazy]

9. "All ya'll's flies/ Watch how I swat at you" [Crazy]

8. "Step up in the club, so fresh and clean / Not the outcast that they label me" [Lose Control]

7. "Been on the west coast all my life / In love with the herb just like my wife" [Dance with a Pimp]

6. "Pancakin’ is just my job/ In the mix all the time ... Pancake pancake...I’m that man" [Kept On Talkin']

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5. "Paparazzi….on my nuts like a squirrel" [Kept On Talkin']

4. "I've never been to Denver but I rock them nuggets / One earring cost more than your budget" [Lose Control]

3. "I'm comin' out like Janet's titty at the Super Bowl" [Playing With Fire]

2. "I'm handin' out ass kickins like diplomas" [America's Most Hated]

1. "In Portuguese it means 'bring your ass'" [Popozao]

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Rollin' VIP.

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