Farewell FASTE. Sort of.

Right off the bat, let me be clear that this post is not announcing the closure of this site.

Disappointing. I know.

Almost seven years ago, I started this blog hoping I could reel in my brother as a co-writer to reflect on the random thoughts and memories we recall from our younger years. For the URL (mattandtimfunny.blogspot.com), I referenced the title of the first cassette tape of nonsense that he and I recorded back around 1981 -- Matt & Tim Funny.

The title of the blog -- Flashlights Are Something To Eat -- referred to an inside joke stemming from a ridiculous comment that I made on that tape as a five-year-old.
Matt: "Tim, I told you before not to bite your flashlight."
Tim: [With flashlight in my mouth] "I said flashlights are something to eat!"
Ultimately, I could never quite get my brother on board. The initial idea for this site never came to be as it quickly evolved into my own personal blog -- an opportunity for me to share whatever random nonsense I had running through my head at any given time. I've often considered renaming the site or moving it to a different URL, but with a somewhat respectable audience among my social circles, I hesitated to do so fearing that I may lose several years of material, create broken links, and so on.

Getting the itch to start writing again, I updated this site yesterday for the first time in quite a while. Then last night, I was asked about the "Flashlights" title by one of my favorite teachers from high school. After sharing the backstory only entertaining to my brother and me, I decided it might be time to look into making a change. Additionally, I became aware that just because I'm the one sharing these links with people I know, it's not always immediately clear that I'm actually writing this stuff. Considering a majority of my audience is made up of family and friends within my social circles and virtual e-circles, I felt like this was something to be clarified.

With all of that in mind, I decided that it was time to retire the obscure "Flashlights" title of this blog and move in the direction of something more clear and centralized. I've owned and used the TimLybarger.com domain in many ways over the years and last night finally created a new subdomain for this blog. With that, I bid farewell to the title "Flashlights Are Something To Eat" and welcome you to the blog portion of TimLybarger.com.

The old links will continue to work as they'll automatically redirect. If you use the old URL, you'll still be taken here. Still, if you happen to have this site bookmarked, feel free to update to the new URL: http://blog.timlybarger.com

Same site. Same format. Different name and location.

I doubt that anyone besides me gives a crap about what this site is called or where it's located. And that's fine.

For those few who might, now you'll know why it changed.


Brothermidnight said...

kind of sad to see the old name go.So many great memories under that title from settling the Wonder bread heman debate to the fantastic summers of Tim , it will be missed but thankfully you are not giving up blogging all together.

TL said...

Oh, I'm not throwing in the towel at all. Not even a consideration. Just finally reached the decision to change the name to something a little less obscure to draw it in a bit. That's all. The content and such won't change at all.