First Tweets

Remember when you first signed up for your social media accounts? You probably spent more time than usual contemplating your first post. How would you announce yourself to the Facebook or Twitter world? Maybe something clever or funny? Maybe you'll take the easy way out with something generic like "Giving this Twitter thing a try." I decided to take a look at a handful of my favorite people and see how they broke onto the Twitter scene with their first tweets.

. . .

Vanilla Ice went with the generic first tweet.

Mr. T did not disappoint. No jibba jabba here.

One of my favorite Twitter accounts is Cobra Commander's. He opened with a thought on his world-dominating color scheme.

The 2016 World Champion Chicago Cubs?

Apparently Hoops McCann could use a lesson in grammar.

What up, greatest basketball player of all time!?

Nick Offerman bypasses talk of wood and whiskey and uses his first tweet to score points with his wife.


Patton Oswalt went with a nerdy joke about old Yahoo websites.

Rob Garrison -- famous for delivering the line "Get him a body bag!" in The Karate Kid -- has clearly not changed much in 30+ years.


My own first tweet was apparently a re-tweet -- then-coach D'Antoni praising then-guard Jeremy Lin.

But the winner of the best first tweet in the history of Twitter is Phil Jackson -- attempting to boast about his eleven championship rings.

. . .

Want to check out your own first tweet or make fun of someone else's? Here you go -- try not waste too much time:

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