The Proverbial Wagon

"I'll quit drinking for the reason that I started drinking. When it makes me feel better than I already do." - Hard Working Americans, 'Ascending Into Madness'

. . .

The good news?

My friend from college, Craig, hooked me up with some Sweep the Leg beer from the Texas-based Infamous Brewing Company. Craig is a Duke basketball fan but this act of awesome allows me to look past that unfortunate fact.

The bad news?

About six weeks ago I decided to cap the bottle and take a ride on the proverbial wagon. Not for good, I'm sure, and not for any reason in particular. No health concerns. Nothing religious. Just decided that I was tired of it -- wasting money, empty calories, blah blah blah.

Quite honestly, I feel better than I have in years.

But now I have this super cool Cobra Kai beer, one of which will definitely find itself shelved with my Yeastie Boys bottle. The rest I'll keep on hand. If there's any left the next time you're at my house, you're welcome to try a bottle of Sweep the Leg peanut butter stout.

And then I'll crane kick you in the face.

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