Don't Poop on the Floor

DAY 16 -- Be warned. This is pretty disgusting.

Mason needed to take a bathroom break during his tee-ball game this evening so he and I hurried to the public restroom behind the concession stand. Stepping into the lone stall, I immediately noticed that someone had left their mark on the toilet -- the seat, the side of the bowl, in the space where the seat opens.

And I’m not talking about a mark left in liquid form, if you catch my drift.

If there is the possibility of a #1 mark and a #2 mark, this was a number two mark.

I think you get it.

Anyway, it was enough of a mess that I asked Mason if he could wait until after the game to go to the bathroom so we didn't have to come close to this nastiness. Unfortunately, he needed to go right then and there.

I helped him avoid the mess on the toilet and he did his business without any issue. But as we were washing up, I couldn’t get past the overwhelming smell that had permeated my nose -- even from several feet away as we stood at the sink. It was simply overwhelming.

And then I saw it. The smears on the ground starting in the stall and ending near my feet.

I think you can fill in the rest.

So here’s my humble request for the day: The next time you consider pooping on the floor in a public restroom, please don’t.

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