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DAY 12 -- Three more Lybargers head into summer break leaving only one left longing to reach the final goal -- me. Amy and the girls wrapped up today -- the girls much in the same fashion as last year with a field day at the high school (for Anna) and a water gun fight at a local park after school.

Mason tagged along for this year's water gun fight although at times he was a little outmatched by the big kids who kept squirting him in the face.

The water gun battle has become an annual event organized by two of our district's bus drivers who bus their kids to the park for a good soaking to start the summer. The girls have been lucky to have Ms. Linda as their bus driver. It's not often you find a bus driver caring enough to make phone calls when kids forget their library books at home (or need to remind their parents to show up to a park with water guns).

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With the Mister Rogers marathon continuing on Twitch, I've made another mark on the Mental Floss landscape with a new article that showed up today.

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Tonight we joined together with our church family for a Friday night farewell to Andy Adams, our beloved pastor and friend. With Andy's recent reassignment to a church near St. Louis, we will be saying goodbye to one of the most humble and authentically caring families I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

[Photo credit: Melinda Miller]

Looking back over my 40+ years, there are countless people who have had a positive impact on the growth of my personal faith. That said, while I appreciate each and every one of those people, there are maybe a half-dozen who come to mind as having had a significant and direct influence. Along with names like Keith Graham, Bruce Hough, and the Roberts family, after fourteen years of friendship, leadership, and example, Andy easily finds himself added to this list. I'll never find the words to thank him enough for the influence he's had on my family.

We'll miss you greatly, friends.

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