Hardy Boys, Neighborhood Marathon, Get Along Gang

DAY 2 -- My mom's oldest brother's name is Mike.

Sometimes, when we were kids, we'd call him Big Mike.

Because he's big. And his name is Mike.

In the late 80's, I remember my Uncle Mike having several collections in his house. Among the antiques and Coca-Cola memorabilia was a pristine set of the original Hardy Boys books. Having checked out many of these books from my local library, I recall asking my uncle where he got the set and how much it cost. In my mind, I was going to save my kid money to buy a set of my own -- despite the hefty price tag on the order form he showed me (I want to say it was around $300).

In this conversation, I remember asking him which of the books he'd read. His chuckle in response told me he hadn't read any of them -- a fact I just couldn't wrap my kid mind around. Why would he have this awesome set of books and not read them?

Thirty-plus years later, I have my own set of the original Hardy Boys books which I picked up about ten years ago for next to nothing. My goal from there, has been to piece together a complete set of the later series known as the digests and the Case Files -- a few hundred book in all. I buy them for cheap at resale shops and flea markets when I see them and occasionally a priced-to-sell lot will show up on eBay. One of those arrived in my mailbox today.

These will be added to my growing collection even though I know I'll probably never get around to actually reading them.

I get it now, Big Mike.

. . .

Yesterday began an eighteen-day marathon on Twitch featuring every one of the nearly 900 episodes of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, streamed in chronological order from the old black-and-whites to those from the Neighborhood's final years. Since I've seen and documented about 75% of these episodes on NeighborhoodArchive.com, I've been really enjoying the fact that I can just sit back and watch the excitement around this marathon. It's fun to see the nostalgia that is brought to the surface when people are seeing these episodes for the first time since their childhoods.

The added bonus here, of course, is the fact that traffic on my Neighborhood Archive site has skyrocketed this week to almost double it's normal volume! I'm very eager to see how much traffic sticks around after the marathon ends...

. . .

In my top five TV theme songs you'd find a short-lived Saturday morning cartoon from the 80s called the Get Along Gang.

I had a few Get Along Gang toys when I was a kid including a small PVC figure of Zipper the Cat. Last week, someone I follow online was selling a set of the six main characters from the show including the Zipper figure I'd lost long ago. The price was super cheap so I had no choice.

I remember I used to position Zipper on his side and pretend he was breakdancing.

How I remember this stuff is beyond me.

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