Morning Quiet, Summer To-Dos, Softball "Blowout"

DAY 3 -- One of my favorite things has become the handful of minutes I spend on the back porch in the mornings. I've been getting up early a few days a week recently to play racquetball with a couple of friends. We play for about an hour and I'm back home about fifteen minutes before everyone wakes up and the chaos of the day begins. Having pre-set the coffee maker the night before, there's fresh coffee ready when I walk in the door. I pour myself a cup of coffee and spend the next fifteen minutes on the back porch in silence. The only sounds are a few passing cars and the birds in the trees.

And it's wonderful.

. . .

My summer to-do list seems to be growing every day.

Re-dig a section of the front ditch, fix the leak in the garbage disposal, paint the living room and the basement, stain and seal the front porch and back deck, install a back-up sump pump, finish cleaning up the berm, tune up the lawn mower and leaf collector, remove several tree stumps, add high shelves in the garage, fix the snowblower..........

Who's betting that this list looks pretty much the same in August?

. . .

Anna had a softball game tonight. According to what her coach told her, their team won 74-3.

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