Pre-School Rich, Chris Cornell, Neighborhood Widow

DAY 5 -- Mason's the first out of the gate into legit summer break. Yesterday was his last day of pre-school which means that in less than three months, we'll have all three of our kids in school.

This also means we'll be rich since we're not paying for pre-school anymore.

Seriously though, a huge thanks goes to the teachers our kids have had in this pre-school over the past six years. We've been very hashtag-blessed.

. . .

Chris Cornell died yesterday and there's been a ton of Soundgarden stuff shared online. Some Audioslave and Temple of the Dog stuff, too.

But what about Cornell's biggest and most influential project as a pal of Citizen Dick?

You may remember the fictional band Citizen Dick from the movie Singles. I stood in line at Record Store Day a few years ago to get my hands on their first and only official release.


. . .

I've been watching a lot of the Mister Rogers marathon on Twitch these past few days as it's getting into some of the episodes I don't have (or at least ones I don't have decent quality copies).

You've heard of football widows, right? Wives who all but lose their husbands during football season?

Over the coming week, my wife will likely feel like a Neighborhood widow.

I'm apologizing in advance.

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