2gether, More Junk, John Avildsen

DAY 33 -- While the kids wrapped up swim camp, I needed to kill some time. Of course, you know what I did.

Taking advantage of Five Dollar Friday and arming myself with a large Mango Kale from Smoothie King, I hit up a couple of my favorite spots. My main stop was back at the library sale where I'd been thinking about that half-off deal for "friends of the library" since I became one a few days ago. When I picked up that stack of Hardy Boys books before, I had left behind about a dozen that I already had. At half off -- only a quarter each -- I could easily turn a profit on those I already had giving me the flexibility to track down a few more on eBay.

While I was there, of course, I heard the sweet sounds of dollar CDs calling my name. For me today they're fifty cents.

I was pretty jacked to find that 2gether album. Call me crazy but I still think that made-up MTV boy band is awesome.

Mickey Park up in this mug.

I remember this show/album being a big deal around the time Napster was at its height and everyone was downloading every song they'd ever heard. I, at the time, was making my own personal library of compilation CDs creatively calling each one "A Tim Lybarger Joint." Having reached volumes into the 20s, I often regret having dumped those a long time ago.

Illegal, I suppose. But those were good times (as seen above) sitting around my pal Derek's dorm room taking advantage of Napster and this new thing called Ethernet.

. . .

I did pick up a book today, too. The novelization of The Karate Kid Part II. Yes, I already have a copy...but not this one.

It's bigger and has pictures from the movie in it.

. . .

Speaking of The Karate Kid, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the passing of director John Avildsen who died today at the age of 81.

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