Back to the Berm

DAY 36 -- I headed back out into the berm today to continue my efforts to clean up the overgrowth and tame an area of our yard with tons of potential. Three hours later, I've unearthed a few more tree stumps and somewhere around 60 concrete blocks and pavers.

Also, for those keeping score at home, a smashed toy car and a hose nozzle.

. . .

After some hard work, Anna and I were relaxing in the hammock this afternoon when she mentioned something about it being Monday. Without hesitation, thinking it was sometime late in the week, was to laugh and say, "It's not Monday."

It's Monday. And I've officially hit my favorite part of summer break -- the part where I completely lose track of what day it is.

. . .

I took this picture of Mason today.

It made me think of a similar (yet very different) picture from just a few years ago.

Quite a difference between our old back yard and our current one.

Hashtag blessed.

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