Big Feet, Ostrich Riding

DAY 38 -- Playing racquetball this morning, I noticed that my shoes were starting to look pretty rough. I'm guessing that I shouldn't be able to see my big toe poking through the top. With Anna at camp for the morning and Charlotte and Amy off to do some study they're part of at the university, my man Mason joined me for a morning of errands.

Dick's Sporting Goods hooked me up with a new pair of shoes and a new racket. Here's what I learned from Dick's -- my feet are bigger than I thought. For years -- probably since early in college -- I've been buying size 10 1/2 shoes. Sometimes 11, depending on the brand and style.

For the first time since I was a kid, I decided to put my foot in one of those metal things to measure my foot. Much to my surprise, I apparently have a size 12 foot. After discussing this revelation with the kid working at Dick's, I walked away with some super-comfy shoes a size-and-a-half larger than what I was expecting.

I suppose that explains my toe coming through the top of my old shoes.

So with new shoes and a new racket, I can only assume I'll be unbeatable when I play again on Friday.

. . .

Dick's is an anchor store at the mall so Mason and I made our way to the carousel before I grabbed a few things at Old Navy. It was early in the day, so he had his pick of any animal on the entire ride.

He chose the ostrich.

. . .

I took two naps today.

I regret nothing.

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