Boy Time, Transformers, Amazon Negligence

DAY 24 -- Mason and I got to have some boy time today while the girls were at art camp. Given the choice between stopping by a few junk stores or playing catch in the back yard, he chose the junk stores.

I'm still not sure what I think of that.

We did, however, come away with five grab bags full of random Transformers -- enough to make one kid flip his lid.

Cheapest entertainment in town.

For the sake of simple entertainment, I almost pulled the trigger on the Flowbee at Goodwill but left it behind in the end. I figure that my family could do without having our hair ripped from our heads by an As-Seen-On-TV vacuum barber.

I'd rather spend a little more for the Suck Kut.

. . .

There's a house down the street that has been flying a Cubs "W" flag since their World Series win last fall. At some point over the winter months, their neighbor began flying a Cardinals flag in a very similar fashion. Today as we drove by, I found joy in the fact that on this breezy afternoon, the Cubs flag was flapping in the wind while the St. Louis flag somehow hung lifelessly just a few yards away.


. . .

I tend to order a decent amount of music through Amazon -- and, yes, I'm among the minority that still prefers physical copies. I would estimate that at least half the time, these new CDs arrive in damaged condition -- usually a busted jewel case -- due to Amazon's lazy packaging practices.

Today's delivery took Amazon to a whole new level.

Needless to say, they've already issued me a refund.


. . .

Boy time continued this evening as Mason decided he wasn't up for VBS. We ate at Dairy Queen, played some baseball, and watered some plants.

I also learned from Mason that milk comes from a cow's gutter.

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