Camping, Hammerman, New Jersey

DAY 27 -- I woke up in a tent today for the first time in several years and my back quickly reminded me that I'm over the age of forty.

The kids and Amy spent the day across the street in the pool. I spent the morning with a power washer. You may recall last year's match-up which ended in my leg taking a beating at the hands of the power washer. I guess that's why it's called a power washer and not just a washer. Minus the power, I suppose it's just a hose.

Anyway, I washed the siding and the decks in preparation for an upcoming stain/seal job and then I headed to the pool myself. While I was there, I got a call from my brother who was passing through the area and was going to stop by for a bit. After visiting for a while, he headed out and I decided to relax for a bit with a book I was close to finishing. Within less than ten minutes, I couldn't keep the book upright or my eyes open. I closed my eyes to "rest" and the next thing I knew it was two hours later.

Everybody was still at the pool so back I went. It was there that I got an important phone call from my brother who had made a few stops on his way home.
Matt: Do you want an "Adventures in Friendship" Mister Rogers VHS tape?
Me: Is it purple?
Matt: Yes.
Me: No. I already have at least one of those.
Matt: How about a VHS of Hammerman cartoons?
Me: Of course I want a VHS of Hammerman cartoons.

. . .

Other important things happening today? I got a new jersey in the mail.

Yes. That Bayside. That Morris.

. . .

Back in the tent again tonight.

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