Ferris Bueller on the Big Screen, Pryor's Place, Lonzo Ball

DAY 31 -- Amy had to do something at work for a few hours this morning so the rest of us just hung out around the house and in the yard before the temperature reached blazing inferno levels again. The girls followed the lead of one of my brother's daughters who wanted to build things with sticks she found in the yard. Anything involving someone else picking up sticks in our yard is okay in my book.

This kept them occupied for a while, but in the end, only Anna remained.

Meanwhile, I challenged my almost 14-year-old nephew to some one-on-one basketball. My take-away from this encounter was a reminder that I'm almost 41.

. . .

It was about this time that I got a text from my pal Adam who informed me that one of the local movie theaters was showing Ferris Bueller's Day Off this afternoon! My first thought was that I couldn't justify going because my brother's family was in town. Then I remembered...my nephew represents a new generation of Ferris Bueller disciples. He love that movie as much as I do so it didn't take much convincing for us to make plans to see Ferris Bueller's Day Off on the big screen!

. . .

We left a little early for the movie so my brother and I could stop by the library sale. I love it when I find that someone has decided to dump their entire collection of Hardy Boys books which gives me the opportunity to fill in a ton of gaps in my own collection all at once. Today I came home with with twelve more Casefiles books marked off my list.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed that the "No Mercy" title didn't have a karate-based story line.

And dollar CDs. Of course, dollar CDs.

Apparently this week is "Member's Week" at the library sale which provides a 50% discount to shoppers who are members of the library's "friends" program. I was going to spend about $19 at the sale and membership costs $10 a year. The membership and this purchase at half off would be roughly the same amount I was going to spend in the first place.

I'm now a friend of the library.

. . .

Then it was time. Time for seeing what I'd say is my second-favorite movie on the big screen for the first time in over thirty years!

It wasn't The Karate Kid at the drive-in, by any means...but it was still terrific!

Having seen Ferris Bueller countless times in my life, I still found several take-aways after this viewing...
  • The name of the restaurant where Ferris and his friends eat is seen on the outside of the building. I've often seen it debated whether the first letter of the second word is and "L" or a "Q" -- is it Chez Luis or Chez Quis? I've gone back and forth over the years but it finally occurred to me that when the maitre d' answers the phone, he says "Chez Quis, bonjour." It's a Q.
  • I am 99% sure Cameron's coffee mug features Sandra Boynton's hippo character.
  • As the parade is about to begin, a theater showing Teen Wolf can be seen in the background.
  • While one of the most debated topics among those who have dissected the finer points of Ferris Bueller's Day Off is the time of year that the movie takes place, it clearly occurs in May -- as I've suggested before. Not only do my previous arguments support this theory, Ferris himself suggests at one point that he will "graduate in June" and also that he will "graduate in a couple of months." I will attribute the fact that it's May and he says "a couple of months" to his lack of interest in school and carefree attitude towards life in general. Ferris, permanently in the same mindset as I find myself in the summer time, has no idea what day it is. In his case, he is somewhat hazy on what month it is.
. . .

The weather broke a bit during Anna's softball game which brought a pleasant end to the visit from my brother's family. The girls were clearly on the edge of their seats as they intently watched the game.

. . .

While he was here, my brother brought up Pryor's Place, Richard Pryor's Saturday morning kids show that I had completely forgotten about. I hit up YouTube and found a handful of episodes I can't wait to dive in to.

. . .

Remember Corey Feldman? Of course you do.

His band is playing Indianapolis in July. Opening act?

My man, Andy D!

This could be trouble.

. . .

I got another cheap jersey this week. This time....Lonzo Ball.

Feel free to scoff. You can hate him all you want.

I've been a UCLA basketball fan since the days of the O'Bannon brothers and my favorite players in any sport tend to be the ones who create headlines for their abilities and their personalities. A high opinion of Lonzo Ball was unavoidable.

I'm gonna love watching this kid as his guaranteed sideshow is sure to continue for some time to come.

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