John Prine, Spike Lee, and My Daughter

DAY 20 -- What do John Prine, Spike Lee, and my daughter Charlotte have in common? I've seen them all take the stage at the Virginia Theatre.

A majority of the day today was spent at the Virginia for the dance recital hosted by the local company where Charlotte takes ballet.




Two shows -- one at 11am and one at 6pm -- comprised of the same 49 dance routines.

Yes, 49.

Three and a half hours.


You may have kids in dance and be used to eight-hour recital days where your kid's on stage for a total of five minutes. Not me.

Charlotte was wiped before we even got to the second show and was clearly ready to be done for the day. Luckily her performance was second of the 49 so fifteen minutes into the 6:00 show we were out the door (despite the looks of disapproval from some).

This beauty is growing up too fast.

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