Morning People, Sword Fights, Alien Bigfoot

DAY 22 -- By 7:30 this morning, I had played an hour of racquetball, planted some new hostas along the back side of the house, sprayed an area of the yard where a lot of broad leaf growth is popping up, and enjoyed two cups of coffee on the back porch.

I've heard that those who aren't morning people really hate those who are.

. . .

I expect the kids to be zombies by the end of this week. The girls have art camp every morning and all three kids have VBS every evening.

. . .

Since Charlotte's dance recital on Saturday, the girls have latched on to a few songs that they heard while they were there -- in particular, Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. It's pretty entertaining to hear them take turns doing the different parts.
"Now you do the 'two, three, four' part and I'll sing."
. . .

I've always been impressed with the customer service offered by the local company who works on our heat and AC when needed, but today they took that to a whole new level.

We turned on our AC for the first time this past weekend and it wasn't cooling like it should -- running for hours at a time and making gains of only a degree at best. Two gentlemen arrived this afternoon to take care of the problem and Mason was quite curious about what they doing. That and he was very eager to show off one of his Star Wars swords to them. When I was asked to retrieve the report from a previous service call, I came back from the basement to find Mason engaged in a sword fight with one of the guys who had picked up the extra sword.

It was pretty awesome.

. . .

As I have time, I've been converting my massive collection of old TV shows to smaller video files to be stored on a single hard drive (rather than boxes upon boxes of discs). Working my way through the Battle of the Planets series tonight, I'm pretty curious to rewatch some of these episodes. Anyone want to come over for Episode 60 -- The Alien Bigfoot?

Or would you rather wait until I'm finished converting California Dreams?

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doesntmattr said...

How do I get my hands on those California Dreams eps???