Sleeping Bag, Hammock, S'mores

DAY 26 -- After a morning trip to Lowe's to pick up a few weekend project supplies, I returned home with two things worth mentioning that I hadn't planned on buying when I left.

1. A hammock.

2. A stack of Atari games.

The Atari games obviously didn't come from Lowe's but rather the used game/video place just down the way from there. I had a small store credit there that I'd been meaning to burn off and I figured there was no time like the present.

A hammock was something that I've had in the back of my mind for quite a while -- a perfect addition to our shady yard.

Not shady like something weird is going on there. Shady like full of trees.

Anyway, if I ever got around to buying one, I planned to use the straps made for hanging a hammock between trees without having to damage the trees themselves; however, the other day I noticed two perfectly spaced trees in our yard with hooks in them already.

Needless to say, one hammock purchase later and my view looked like this for a good majority of the afternoon.

. . .

Amy's brother and his family from Indianapolis were in town for the night staying across the street at my in-law's. After the kids swam most of the day away, they all joined us in our yard after dinner for some s'mores.

Some s'mores.

Wouldn't that be s'm's'mores?

. . .

After dark, Charlotte headed across the street with her cousins for a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's while Amy and I zipped Anna and Mason into the tent we'd put up earlier in the evening for a backyard campout. The kids entertained themselves with some deep conversation as they wound down for the evening.
Mason: Hey, Anna.
Anna: What?
Mason: What if they made 7UP that was less fizzy?
Anna: Huh.
Mason: It could be called 1UP.
Real conversation. I swear.

Once they fell asleep, I got comfortable in my own corner of the tent while I ran ZZ Top on repeat in my head.

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