Two Jobs Well Done

DAY 25 -- Back in mid-April, I was mowing the back yard when I noticed Charlotte standing on the deck waving in order to get my attention. Assuming Anna had given her a dirty look or they couldn't find the remote control, I was a little annoyed to have to come all the way from the other end of the yard to find out what was so important. As I got closer though, I could tell that something was actually wrong. I turned off the mower just as Charlotte shouted and pointed:


Sure enough, on my last trip near the house on the mower, I'd apparently kicked up a rock that flew perfectly into the bottom corner of the stationary portion of our sliding back door and spider-webbed the entire thing.

Charlotte wasn't sure what to do.

Anna had run to her room and was crying.

After letting the girls know that the tempered glass wasn't going to come crashing down on them, I texted Amy to let her know that our plan to replace the back door had now moved to the top of our priority list.

. . .

That brings us to today. Our new door arrived about a week ago and our go-to guys for larger home improvement projects arrived at 8:00 sharp to give us a better view than the cut up Kohl's boxes we've been looking at since April.

You might remember when we replaced our sliding back door at our house in Champaign a few years ago.

Same guys. Same job well done.

. . .

One of the guys who installed the door is the father of a former student of mine and he suggested that his son would be willing to haul off the old door for us. Apparently the cost is the same regardless of how much his son hauls away -- a truckload is a truckload.

That meant I had some work to do.

Remember the berm at the back of our yard? When I suggested that there were all sorts of treasures to be found out there, that included two old large metal culvert pipes. The pipes were buried side by side on the east side of the berm covered in earth and overgrowth. A small portion of one of the pipes can be seen below.

I knew I had my work cut out for me -- especially once I realized that both pipes were about two-thirds full of dirt and they were crazy heavy. But rest assured, faithful readers, four hours and somewhere in the neighborhood of 1800 calories burned later...the job was done.

Quite a difference if I do say so myself.

The concrete pavers you see were buried along with the pipes. I figured that since our eventual plan is to put a garden in the area just behind here, I'd make use of the pavers. Plus, that kept me from having to haul them up to the house.

Still a long way to go on the berm this summer, but this was by far the biggest obstacle I was facing out there.

And now, for the rest of the night, if you want to see a guy sitting on his butt and doing nothing, stop by my house. I'll being doing that quite well until I pass out on the couch.

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