Vet, John Malkovich, PS2

DAY 37 -- One of our cats has had a watery and slightly swollen eye so off to the vet we went this morning. Charlotte was pretty excited to go along and be the comforter to a pretty nervous kitty.

No damage to her eye. Nothing foreign body in there that the vet could see. So after a good eye flush we were sent on our way with a bottle of eye drops and a follow-up scheduled for later in the week

. . .

Amy had Mason at a check-up appointment of his own and Anna was a morning camp. This left Charlotte and I with a few hours to kill so I asked her what she thought we should do.

"Can we go to the junk store?!"

Be still my beating heart.

There are certain questions to which a parent simply cannot say no.

Can I have more vegetables? Of course you can.

Can I go play outside? Please do.

Can we go to the junk store? I'll start the car.

. . .

Off we went to my favorite store...or should I say our favorite store.

My junking partner came home with a Barbie car (she's been playing with Amy's old Barbie dolls a lot lately) and a Beanie Baby she's "been looking for forever." She even picked out a few things for the rest of the family -- a book for Amy, a bear for Anna, and a Mater toy for Mason.

Unfortunately, I realized once we got home that Mater talks -- something that Mason took no time in discovering. Now we have Larry the Cable Guy cruising around our house.


. . .

As my my haul for the day, it was pretty random.

A bag of Lite Brite pegs for a buck.

These suckers aren't cheap if you buy them new and the kids drug out the Lite Brite a few days ago. It was also purchased at the junk store and came with a very limited amount of pegs. Now they'll have enough pegs to make words like "poop" and "butt" glow in vibrant colors.

How's this for random? A set of nesting dolls used to promote the movie Being John Malkovich...

The movie was okay but this set was too weird to leave behind.

Much like the Seinfeld DVD set for a few bucks that included the promo items -- a ketchup/mustard salt and pepper shaker set, script book, and Seinfeld playing cards.

Again, too random to leave behind -- especially knowing that I already have the Seinfeld episodes so I'll easily make my money back on this by dumping off the DVDs somewhere for cheap.

Although very small and limited to a tiny corner of a table, the newly added video game section of the store caught my attention and I picked up a Wii game for the kiddos and a few PS2 games.

Why would I buy PS2 games? Even though I've often regretted doing so, I sold my PS2 at least ten years ago.

Good thing they had one for sale at the junk store for ten bucks.


Bob Johns said...

I have been finding a ton of PS2 games for .50 cents lately!

TL said... seems that PS2 games have gone the way of DVDs. Typically a buck or two at most.