X-Rated Watch, THGC Bundle, Luxury Problems

DAY 32 -- With the kids gone to swim camp for the morning, I decided to take it easy and watch a movie -- Dream a Little Dream.

One of my favorites from the 80s.

Since seeing this movie as a kid, I've always wanted a watch like the one worn by Corey Feldman's character Bobby (yes, that's two Corey Feldman references in one week).

If you were around in the 80s, I'm sure you remember Swatch watches. This particular watch was a Swatch called X-Rated. I've priced them as an adult and they sell for anywhere from hundreds of dollars to, at times, well over a thousand.

[Image courtesy of swatchandbeyond.com]

Obviously, well out of my price range.

With an Apple Watch, however, there are ways to customize your watch face -- so after a few minutes with Photoshop, I had an image ready to go. It looks a lot better in person than it does in this picture -- the time is legible even though it doesn't seem that way here.

Now I just need Apple to create an option for a custom analog watch face and I'll be in business.

Until then, it's close enough.

. . .

I recently ordered the 7" vinyl package for The Homeless Gospel Choir's new single, Normal. It arrived today complete with stickers, a pin, and an armband -- not to mention the sweet yellow vinyl.

Man, I love this guy.

"We all spend too much time being angry. There's got to be a better way somehow."

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doesntmattr said...

Dream a Little Dream is one of my faves. Partially bc of Meredith Salinger and the scene when Feldman does the Michael Jackson routine in the gym. But it also has this misty, surreal, hazy quality to it like when the older couple is dancing to the Van Morrison song. Also, one of the best soundtracks that nobody knows about.