Berm Evolution, Fat Lip, Digital Conversions

DAY 55 -- I had one goal for my Saturday and that was to do something productive early in the day so I could be a bum later in the day. That I did.

Somewhere around four more hours spent working in the berm at the back of our yard brought me to the point where I think I'm done for the summer. One of my biggest projects I wanted to complete throughout this break was to clean that mess up and after digging out ten stumps and somewhere around 100 concrete blocks, my work is done until the spring.

I realize you couldn't probably care any less about the fact that I've cleaned up this area of our yard, but let me show you a few before-and-after shots to give you an idea of the progress I've made this summer. Here's a look at the berm from last summer as Anna was watching the rain and another shot behind Amy on the mower.

Nothing but overgrowth -- weeds, thorns, fallen branches, garbage, and a general mess.

Here's where we're at as of today...

Wide open. Mowed. Raked. Ready for some real flowers, shrubs, and plants to be dropped in next spring.

Ultimately, what I have in mind for this former trash dump is to put in some walking paths through a variety of shrubs, flowers, and a vegetable garden. Until then -- hopefully starting as early as next spring -- there are still a few minor things to be done. I'll wait until the weather cools off to tackle those jobs though.

Speaking of which, who knows enough about trees that they'd be willing to help me take this ugly guy down?

I came in the house this morning to tell Amy she should listen for sounds of distress from the berm as I was planning to take this down by myself. Her look of disapproval and a few issues with my chainsaw put that plan on hold for the time being.

. . .

Anna fell outside tonight and bit into the back of her lip. With blood flowing freely, she was quick to panic ... for about half an hour. In the end, she has a bit of a fat lip, a small cut on the inside of her mouth, and a bunch of neighbors who now know her threshold for pain is minimal.

. . .

One of my indoor projects for the summer is making some slower progress than the berm ... but progress nonetheless. I've been going through all of my physical video media and converting it to digital files to be stored on a hard drive. This gives me the ability to put seven boxes of discs into storage and have everything available at the click of a mouse. As you might guess, this is a long and somewhat tedious process but I'm slowly making my way (randomly) through my collection of old TV shows. Still a long way to go.

Kate & Allie currently in progress.

Shut up.

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