Blackstar, Rusty Wier, The Hombres

DAY 59 -- With a big day planned for Thursday, we packed up and headed back down to my dad's knowing we'd all need to be up and around early the next morning. More on all of that later. For now, though, here are three quick take-aways from Wednesday's trip down Interstate 57.

1. Mason saw the sun shining rays shining through the clouds as we drove and the sun was setting. "Look," he said, "It's the joy of God." One part hilarious and one part heart-warming.

2. Some long-time family friends had been cleaning out their garage and brought a crate of records to my dad's house for my brother and I to dig through. I'm not sure what he took, but I pulled out a dozen or so albums including these gems:

A He-Man record, Rusty Wier's Don't It Make You Wanna Dance (an album I already own but in pretty rough condition), and the politically incorrect album by four white guys in sombreros calling themselves The Hombres.

3. My brother stopped by my dad's when we got there and delivered a belated birthday gift.

This is awesome in so many ways. As I may have mentioned before, Blackstar was my version of what He-Man was to my brother. It was my way of copying him without collecting the exact same toys. Now that I own his Masters of the Universe toys, I suppose it's time for me to start tracking down all of my old Blackstar toys that are long gone.

Big day tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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