Ferry, Vermont, Champy

DAY 69 -- Amy had been in touch with another of her childhood friends from the Plattsburgh area so we connected with her family this morning for a visit to the nearby Banker Orchard. Much like we do at Curtis Orchard back home, we saw animals, played games, and scarfed down some amazing donuts.

One of the cool features of this place was their collection of vintage coin-operated kid rides. You know, the kind that you used to find just beyond the check-out line at the grocery store.

While we were there, Mason did his best to make a new friend.

His new friend wasn't interested.

It was great to meet another one of Amy's childhood friends...

...and to take a picture of this cool bus.

. . .

With a donut to tide us over until a late lunch, we hopped on the ferry for an afternoon in Burlington, Vermont.

Upon our arrival in Vermont, I could only think of one thing besides the fact that I was starving.

"Hi, I'm in Vermont."

Then I remembered that the line from Wayne's World is actually "Hi, I'm in Deleware."

Whatever. Close enough.

Anyway, our donuts had worn off during the hour-long ferry ride and we couldn't wait to hike up the road to The Skinny Pancake -- a crepery only a few blocks from the water.

The kids did some damage to the "Noah's Ark" which looked like a typical Denny's breakfast platter. Amy went after some kind of veggie burrito crepe something something.

Me? Poutine, of course. When in Rome...

I'm realizing that there are various styles when it comes to poutine much like there are a variety of any food ordered in random restaurants throughout a given region. In comparison to the poutine I had a few days ago, today's dose came served with very little sign of gravy (settled to the bottom) and what seemed to be small chunks of cheese (curds). The green onions where there for some added flavor.

Call me simple, but I liked the baked stuff from a few days ago much better.

Despite the amazing food at The Skinny Pancake, our order was messed up twice and I'm 99% someone there swiped my sunglasses. They were sitting on the table and five minutes after we left when I realized I didn't have them, I went back to find that no one in the place had seen them.


Shout-out to whoever at The Skinny Pancake got a new pair of shades today.


. . .

Heading up to the mostly open-air market on Church Street, we stopped by the Vermont-based Ben & Jerry's for some kid dessert.

Down the street, we hit up Ri Ra -- an Irish joint offering me a grown-up dessert. Amy's friend had suggested I try a Vermont IPA from Alchemist called Heady Topper.

Obviously, I had to.

Not too bad, but I had to drink it pretty quickly as we were pressed for time in order to make the final ferry back to the New York side of the lake.

. . .

The big news of the day, we finally saw Champy! TWICE!

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