Greg Brady and John McCain

DAY 75 -- I thought today would be lazy. I thought I'd sleep in and then get up long enough to get ready for a nap. Then I realized that I go back to work next week and today would likely be my last opportunity for some weekday junking this summer.

Charlotte and I were out of the house by 9:00.

I was outdone today as Charlotte came home the big winner with a huge collection of 39 Clues books. Who am I to argue with a kid who wants to buy books?

Still, I didn't completely strike out myself.

Cars and figures from the old Playskool McDonald's playset, some books, cheap CDs.

The real surprise came when I saw a copy of Growing Up Brady on the shelf -- a book by Barry Williams about his time on the Brady Bunch. I've had a copy of this book for years but for some reason, when I saw this book at the store, I wondered if it was maybe signed by the author.

Not sure why that thought even crossed my mind, but it did and I checked...

...and sure enough.

I had no problem paying 25 cents for a second copy of a book signed by Greg Brady.

. . .

I was disappointed to find that the junk store has changed its tune a bit when it comes to anything that seems slightly valuable. It used to be that all donated items were sold at garage sale prices but now that they've added a "collectible" area to the store, some items I would have otherwise bought aren't worth the asking price.

For example, I was super excited to find four almost-pristine Fisher Price Little People sets in the collectible area today. Ten bucks or less on these and I'm interested. The price tags turned me away immediately though -- 25 bucks each. Those are eBay prices that I ignore on a daily basis.

No thanks, junk store. I'll stick with my nickel-and-dime purchases.

. . .

Leaving the junk store, Charlotte and I went through the McDonald's drive-thru for a drink -- a stop that ended up lasting almost twenty minutes because, as the kid working the window told me, "that car over there just ordered like 17 or 20 sandwiches."

With nothing but time on our hands, I sat back and watched as another young McDonald's worker delivered two sacks of food to the car pulled to the side. I'm guessing there was a problem with the order because the kid at the window encouraged me to watch "as this shit unfolds over at that fucking car."

The driver of the car was coming inside as our own order was finally filled. Unfortunately, I did not see any shit unfold.

. . .

After last night's failed vote to repeal Obamacare, this is currently the greatest thing on the internet.

. . .

I killed my half-growler of Oval IPA tonight.

It was glorious.

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