mmmHops, Ghostbusters Invites, Campfire Grilled Cheese

DAY 61 -- After finding the elusive Hanson beer, several people have asked me whether mmmHops is any good.

I assure you, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is. Not hoppy like the name implies and fairly dark for a pale ale...not to mention the fact that it comes in around 7+%. If you get the chance to pick up some Hanson beers, it's got my recommendation.

. . .

I've had enough with this poison ivy. After two weeks of trying every over-the-counter and home remedy option known to man, I bit the bullet today and went to the doctor. I'm told the steroids he prescribed will clear this mess up in a few days.

I'm hoping it also makes me abnormally muscular.

. . .

Picking up the kids from my brother's house this morning, he gave me something else he dug out of his stash during his current purge.

I'm not a huge Ghostbusters fan but these are definitely worth hanging on to for simple pop culture nerdy reasons.

. . .

Dinner tonight was over the fire. Grilled cheese on my new fire pit grill.

A step up from my "grilled cheese on the grill."

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