Niagara Falls

DAY 73 -- Amy and I woke the kids up early because they'd wanted to see a sun rise over Lake Champlain all week. While the low clouds kept us from a full sunrise experience, it was still a great start to the morning as we departed our temporary house in Plattsburgh.

. . .

After almost seven hours on the road, we arrived at our on-the-way-home-stop of Niagara Falls. Since I was a kid, when I think Niagara Falls, I think Woody Woodpecker.


Sure, it's a giant waterfall. But it's a giant waterfall we've always wanted to see.

We stayed in the area an hour or so before moving on towards Pennsylvania and Ohio where we set up camp for the night.

Now I'm sitting on the floor of a hotel room.

Typing in the dark.

While a purring cat plays on the noise machine app of my daughter's iPod.

. . .

Home tomorrow...

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