Plattsburgh Junking, Brewing, and Sensory Overload

DAY 71 -- The rain was falling hard by the time we woke up today and it continued for most of the day. After visiting with one of Amy's family friends for the morning, the kids were in desperate need of some down time.

With Amy and her brother settling in at the house, my sister-in-law and I took off for an afternoon of Plattsburgh junking. She hit up a place called the Dress Code for her kind of junking and I ventured down the street for my own kind at a pawn shop full of pop culture toys and video games.

I grabbed a copy of Barnstorming for the Atari -- a game I've bought locally a few times back home but both times came up with a bum cartridge. But it was our trip down the street to the Salvation Army that really paid off.

I was pretty thrilled to come up with a copy of the Cubs World Series collection for three bucks.

I was even more thrilled to find all of these others for the same price.

I'll keep the Cubs set, of course, but with about thirty bucks invested in these others, I should be able ring up one heck of a profit off of this purchase!

. . .

The rain continued to fall and our plans to go bowling with another of Amy's childhood friends were thwarted by the bowling alley's summer hours not starting until 6pm.

This sent us all to an arcade called "Champy's Fun City."

Much like Chuck E. Cheese and other similar establishments, Champy swiped our money fifty cents at a time through games that were hardly worth our time. After an hour in this place with lights flashing and buzzers blaring, sensory overload had taken control and it was time to decompress.

. . .

The Plattsburgh Brewing Company...

Beer at this place -- great.

Food at this place -- meh.

The double IPA and the Ekuanto IPA were fantastic! The nachos tasted like what I used to make in the microwave when I was in high school and I'd slap a Kraft single on some Doritos -- way overcooked and dry.

. . .

One more day in Plattsburgh and then we start the journey home with a few stops on the way...

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